Finally! After weeks, months, perhaps even years of work - your project is finished. Congratulations!

Now what?

Tell us about your project!

Gigasight Media helps independent media producers establish an internet presence and distribute their media products directly to their audience. Our unique process is a hybrid solution, combining the strengths of working with an established studio with the advantages of self-distribution.

You will be able to choose from our distribution template packages, or you can request a custom plan, specifically geared towards selling your media. However you choose to go forward, Gigasight Media's distribution method allows you to:

  • Retain your copyright
  • Offer professional quality product
  • Sell your media in retail and online stores
  • Earn additional revenue through banner and streaming advertising
  • Access your sales stats directly - no guess work or creative accounting!
  • Establish yourself as a money-making independent producer
  • Interact directly with your fans
  • Entice investors for your next project

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